Pitch the Fork – Like Tomorrow


released October 2010, Fame Music

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Expected with excitement and now here: the new disc of the all-female jazz combo Pitch the Fork  from the Rhine-Main area. And as on the first CD, the listener will not be disappointed – so skilfully arranged versions of standards like “Tuxedo Junction” or “I’m Gonna Leave You” alternate with jazzed pop songs like Sting’s “Shadows in Rain”, here sound amazingly fresh. But the six musicians (Megumi Roth (tr), Doris Hebauf  sax), Konny Kopf (p), Maria Schmitt (b), Thea Florea (dr), April King (voc) are not just creative interpreters and solists, but the own compositions such as ” Set Me Free “by Konny Kopf, ” Blue Light in December ” by Doris Hebauf or the eponymous ” Like Tomorrow ” by Konny Kopf and April King. Pitch the Fork also underscores her wide musical spectrum with her interpretations of Maria Baptist’s “Smiling Again” or Deirdre Cartwright’s “Spartia”.

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