Duo HERE! Trio NOW! – Explorations and Meditations


released December 2018, Calygram Records



Duo Here – Trio Now, is a project by saxophonist Bernd Stoll, drummer Thea Florea and bassplayer Michael Höfler featuring original compositions of the bandmembers as well as duo improvisations with sax and drums.
Liner Notes to Duo HERE! – Trio NOW! Recording “Explorations and Meditations” by Bernd Stoll: While recording her quartet album “Afternoon‘s Thrill“ in the summer of 2018, drummer Thea Florea and I noticed a special rapport going on in our playing. Ideas that I developed on the saxophone were simultaneously played by Thea on the drums, patterns started by one of us were finished by the other, things like that. It got so obvious that we recorded a couple of duets during the 2nd quartet session, just to see where that would go. These duets went so well that Thea used one of them on “Afternoon’s Thrill” and we decided to do a whole album with just drums and saxophone. As we developed the idea, it became obvious that some of the compositions we had written for the occasion needed a bass. So we asked Michael Höfler, a long standing colleague and friend whose playing I’ve always loved and who had already subbed at one of the Thea Florea Quartett’s gigs. The result is what you are holding in your hands now, an album of original duets and trios with a unique sound and feel to it, made possible by the the combination of our sounds and spirits. Enjoy!
November 2018, Bernd Stoll

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